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All Up In Your Business Podcast

Separating rumors from reality + economic development insight in College Station, Texas, hosted by Public Communications Director Jay Socol and Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz. 

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The College Station area is known for Aggie pride and small- — but not that small — town feel. There are both ranches and retail, farmland and museums. You’ll also find, in increasing numbers, expat Houstonians. Since the pandemic, one out of three calls inquiring about homes in Mission Ranch, a master-planned community on the city’s southern edg...
College Station-Bryan, Texas kicks off SmartAsset.com's top 10. It leads the study in three different categories: income growth over time (37.22%), number of career counselors per 1,000 workers (5.87) and number of post-secondary teachers per 1,000 workers (74.92). This metro area also places third overall for its relatively small drop in total emp...

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