Food Hall Coming to College Station

Food Hall Coming to College Station
Posted on 04/11/2023
Food Hall Coming to College Station

College Station, TX (March 13th, 2023) UnionBrands Eateries Texas is proud to announce the opening of a new location in College Station, TX. In honor of the Century Tree on the campus of Texas A&M, UnionBrands Eateries Texas will name its 4th food hall Union Oak. Union Oak will be conveniently located at 1500 E Holleman Drive.


UnionBrands Eateries Texas is excited to bring its philosophy to College Station and create a space where people can gather, share good food, and make memories. UnionBrands Eateries Texas hopes to replicate the success of its flagship location in Waco and provide a dining experience that is both unique and welcoming.

Cody Turner, Partner of UnionBrands Eateries Texas said, “We have seen great success at Union Hall in Downtown Waco and are very excited about the

potential for Union Oak in College Station.” Turner continued. “We have done our best to use our experience to enhance Union Oak for our patrons."


UnionBrands Operating manager, Scott Browder said “We are so excited to bring UnionBrands Eateries Texas into the burgeoning College Station market. Union Oak is going to be an exceptional food hall offering patrons and vendors alike a unique first-class experience. With the wide variety of food and beverages to choose from, you are sure to find something for everyone at Union Oak. We look forward to serving the College Station community and can't wait to invite you to join us at the grand opening.”


The company's partners are eager to open this new location, building on their experience with Union Hall and bringing similar energy to College Station. They believe that the new location will fill a void in the local food scene and become a cherished community hub.

Shane Turner, Partner of UnionBrands Eateries Texas "The food hall experience is all about fostering a sense of community by bringing people together over delicious food. We are excited about its potential to enhance the community.”



About Food Halls

In theory, a food hall and a food court are not dissimilar. In practice, the food hall shies away from national chains and franchises and allows unique and community-based dining concepts to flourish. They can be a way for the food truck owner to test out a stationary location without having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their own brick-and-mortar location. Likewise, the burgeoning restaurateur, to whom the idea of a food truck is unappealing, can also set down roots in the community that they are a part of within the walls of a food hall.




About UnionBrands Eateries Texas LLC.

UnionBrands Eateries Texas LLC. located in Waco, TX. is the parent company for Union Hall in Waco, Union Grove in East Waco, and Union Crossing in Temple. UnionBrands Eateries Texas plans to expand, providing more opportunities for patrons and vendors alike. Each location they open and operate will provide a unique experience, without the cookie-cutter feel of the national chains. The best practices approach that UBET implements will provide both synergy and energy to each location.



Shane Turner, Cody Turner, and Todd Behringer are managing partners of UnionBrands Eateries Texas LLC.


Shane Turner (Baylor University, BS, 2002) has made a career in Real Estate and Real Estate Development, completing well over $150 million in developments of multi-family, office, and commercial retail. Shane is an active principal in various real estate investment and development companies whose portfolios range from single-family residential rentals, multi-family units, commercial retail, restaurant, and office spaces. 


Cody Turner (Baylor University, BBA, 2003) has owned and operated Kunkel Construction, Inc., a leading builder of exceptional custom and spec homes in Central Texas since 2005. Cody also owns and operates a commercial construction company, KCFI, Inc., which, since 2008, has renovated and constructed $250 million worth of multi-family apartments, luxury lofts, retail spaces, restaurants, and subdivisions.


Todd Behringer (Baylor University Alumni, BBA ’88) owns and manages the Behringer Group, LLC, an independent Waco-based company established in 2004. The Behringer Group, LLC focuses on enriching the community through economic development projects, quality physical fitness products, competitive sports development, and hospitality services.


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