Heart of Aggieland Visitor’s Pass Program

Heart Of Aggieland® Visitor’s Pass Program

With nearly 100,000 people visiting College Station each year for sports tournaments, conventions, and meetings, the city's reputation for friendliness and hospitality continues to grow. That's why we created the Heart of Aggieland Visitor’s Pass Program exclusively for events booked through our Tourism Department.

The program encourages visitors to explore and enjoy College Station's many fine restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail establishments with an exclusive pass that provides enticing specials and discounts. Our guests get great deals while strengthening our economy and boosting sales tax revenue. Everyone wins.

Here's how it works:

We provide an online link to visitors for conferences, meetings, or tournaments to access a Heart of Aggieland Visitor's Pass, and they follow the simple prompts to redeem a deal.

For businesses, the program is entirely voluntary and requires no fee to participate. To opt-in, determine the special or discount you'd like to offer, complete the form, and we'll add your business to the pass.

Don't miss this easy opportunity to expose your business to thousands of annual visitors. Join the Heart of Aggieland Visitor's Pass Program today!

Have questions or need to change your listing?
Email Economic Development Coordinator Stacey Vasquez at [email protected] .

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