Welcome to the very first on-the-road edition of Is This A Thing? Economic Development Director Natalie Ruiz and Communications Director Jay Socol packed the recording gear and drove to Austin to talk with Beau Armstrong, chairman and CEO of Stratus Properties, Inc., which is developing the 76-acre tract in College Station at Harvey Mitchell Parkway and Wellborn Road to be known as Jones Crossing.

Armstrong talks about the HEB-anchored development and the kinds of businesses that will (and won’t) appear alongside it. He addresses the significance of the location, the family that’s owned it since the 1800s, and what Stratus’s development experience has been like in College Station.

“It’s been wonderful. People are helpful, they’re encouraging of what we’re trying to do, they’re problem solving alongside us. So, sometimes, you know, in our business we feel like people aren’t always trying to be helpful, or in some extent maybe even the other way — they’re trying to thwart our efforts. That wasn’t the case at all in College Station. It’s just been a great experience, so far. And we are actually planning on doing more business there because it’s just really been a great experience for us.”

-Beau Armstrong on his development experience with the City of College Station

Total run time: 22:00

  • 00:00 — Show open with Nat and Jay.
  • 03:13 — The history of Beau, Stratus and some development highlights.
  • 06:18 — How did College Station get on your radar? (Spoiler: Lots of HEB love here).
  • 09:10 — Why this location is exceptional.
  • 10:06 — The overall vision for Jones Crossing.
  • 11:17 — What you’ll find here, and what you won’t.
  • 12:55 — Can you reveal business names yet?
  • 14:13 — Working the deal with the Jones family, project timeline.
  • 17:34 — About developing in College Station: Good, bad and ugly? Will you do more?
  • 21:00 — Final thoughts from Armstrong and show close.

More information: jonescrossingtx.com