Economic Development Master Plan

The City of College Station adopted an Economic Development Master Plan in 2012 to maximize the economic opportunities of its residents and ensure that opportunities for economic prosperity remain strong and the quality of life remains high and is among its greatest competitive assets.

Master Plan Goal

The city seeks a diversified economy that generates high-quality, stable, full-time jobs; bolsters the sales and property tax base; and contributes to a high quality of life. To put it simply, the city seeks to attain economic success by doing its part to keep College Station a great place to live and conduct business, to focus on new job creation — especially through partnerships with our major medical providers and Texas A&M University — and to attract as many people to our community as possible to bolster sales in our local market.

To achieve this, the city has defined six strategic initiatives for continued economic success:

  1. Sustain and Enhance High Quality of Life – A great place to live, conduct business, learn, and visit will help the university and businesses recruit and retain a leading workforce and enable increased sales opportunities as people from throughout the region and nation visit College Station to shop, participate in events, or seek specialized services and unique experiences.
  2. Support and Partner with Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M University System – The local economy is what it is due primarily to the presence of the university and the Texas A&M University System. Working in partnership with the university and system on a variety of initiatives helps ensure they remain strong entities and continue their contributions to the economy.
  3. Support Retail Development – Ensuring opportunities exist to establish or expand retail businesses, businesses that attract expenditures by residents, students, and visitors, remains a critical component of the economy. The city should continue its role of supporting College Station as a regional destination for basic shopping needs and various goods and services.
  4. Support and Stimulate Biotechnology Research and Advanced Manufacturing – Building upon the world-class research performed at Texas A&M and the skills of the local workforce, a unique opportunity exists to diversify the economy and stimulate significant job creation. It is reasonable to expect that a significant portion of this century’s job creation will be in biotechnology and advanced manufacturing. College Station is poised to capitalize on such opportunities.
  5. Support and Stimulate Health and Wellness Market – Building upon the presence of three major medical providers and a growing and aging regional population, a unique opportunity exists to position the city as a regional center for health and wellness that stimulates significant job creation. One of the fastest growing segments of the national economy is health and wellness, and College Station is poised to capitalize on that growth.
  6. Support and Stimulate Sports, Entertainment, and Hospitality Market – College Station is already a national destination for college athletics, and the opportunity exists to expand the entertainment and hospitality market. Additionally, capitalizing on many of the athletic and recreation facilities associated with the city’s high quality of life may stimulate new opportunities to attract visitors who further contribute to the success of the local entertainment and hospitality market.

The city will perform these actions by focusing on what it does best and through continued strategic partnerships with its many economic development partners and the business community. Where appropriate, the city will engage in incentives which will vary but will be guided by a deliberate and established policy detailed in the Master Plan.



Downloadable Data (Excel)

Downloadable Data (Excel)